Monday, September 3, 2018

Mini-Campaign: Tellyportas

Ork Tellyporta Pad from our Gorkamorka Campaign

The next scenario in our campaign surrounded a mysterious tellyporta pad that had been discovered deep in the desert.  Built long ago by a crazy Mek, the pad connected to another one far from the skid in an unexplored region rich with scrap.  Naturally, all four mobs were eager to plunder this new source of riches.

The four mobs rush to claim the tellyporta pad.

Naturally, all four mobs were eager to plunder this new source of riches.

Chad Chases Marvolork's bikers through the tellyporta.

Marvolork's bikers were the first through the pad, though they were followed closely by Chad, who brought his whole mob through the tellyporta.

Marvolork's Big Trakk charges toward Urzig

Meanwhile, Marvolork, who had acquired a spiffy new suit of mega armor, charged toward Urzig's mob, determined to keep the other Gorkers from reaching the pad.

Abby Jr and Shifty come out of the tellyporta, nearly colliding with Chad's trukk.

Not wanting to miss out on all the scrap, I sent Abby Jr. and Shifty through the tellyporta.  The speedy little trakk tore out of the immaterium just inches from Chad's trukk and flew off toward unexplored territory.  Unfortunately, they didn't make it far from the pad before Chad's entire mob opened fire on them, immobilizing the trakk and dashing any hopes of quickly grabbing some scrap.

Marvolork's Trakk rams Urzig's Trukk

Back on the near side of the pad, Marvolork and Urzig, once again, had demolished each other's vehicle in a head-on collision.  The resulting carnage would cause both mobs to bottle within a few turns.

Chad gets trapped, going back and forth between the tellyporta pads.

In an unexpected turn of events, Chad was knocked from his trukk onto the pad and tellyported back to the other side, where Grizwoad and his mob were waiting.  Although Chad's thick armor and Nobby toughness would allow him to survive the ensuing hail of dakka, he became trapped in the tellyporta, going back and forth between the two pads and perpetually being shot to pieces before he could actually stand and run off the pad.

Chad's Mob dominates the far side of the pad.

Never ones to fret while their boss is getting the tar beat out of himself, the rest of Chad's mob continued to cruise the deserts on the far side of the pad, shooting down the last of Marvolork's bikers and gathering as much scrap as they could.

Chad's boyz stumble into a giant scorpion

Unfortunately for the overconfident Gorkers, just because the scrap was uncontested, it didn't mean that it was safe.  One pile of scrap happened to be right on the lair of a giant desert scorpion that was eager to make a meal out of Chad's boyz.

Grizwoad's other trakk heads for the tellyporta pad.

With most of the other mobs now fleeing the table, I decided that it was probably safe to send another vehicle through the tellyporta...

Grizwoad's trakk explodes on the tellyporta pad.

...I was wrong.

The trakk exploded during transport, flinging its occupants through the air and emerging in a heap on the far side.  The smoldering wreck essentially blocked any other vehicles from using the pads and ended any hopes of the adventure being profitable for anyone.  I believe Chad's mob ended up winning, though I don't know that anyone did much better than break even after all the repairs.

So, in summary, everything exploded, everybody basically lost to varying degrees, and it was one of the most entertaining scenarios of the campaign.  I can't wait to try it again.

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